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AOC "Go 2011" Xiamen Disty Meeting Leading Style with Innovation Aesthetic Display with Art of Colors


April 2011

(19 April 2011) - Internationally renowned Monitor brand - AOC organized "Go 2011" Distributor Party in Xiamen, China today. AOC announced the new 2011 re-organizing plan, while AOC worldwide President C.H. Tuan, and the Asia Pacific Middle East, General Manager Ray Zhuo discussed AOC 2011 goal and marketing strategies with distributors from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and CIS Central Asia.

AOC sales grow rapidly in 2010
Tuan first gave a brief summary of AOC’s global performance in 2010. In the past year, the global display market witnessed stagnant sales and many areas also experienced negative growth. However, AOC not only exceeded expectations, but also achieved an astonishing 60% sales increase, to 16 million units worldwide. In the Asia Pacific market, AOC aggressively expanded own brand business and continues to pursue a market leading position throughout the region.


Speaking to Media, Ray Zhou General Manager for Asia Pacific and Middle East said that the pace of AOC and their partner’s growth had the same rhythm and was one of the main reasons for competitors to fear and envy. For business to progress it is important to maintain the same rhythm with all partners. Ray also mentioned that with a positive business sentiment, we see ourselves faring well in the current business landscape and expect to exceed industry growth rate via a mix of organic and inorganic growth strategies. AOC plans to expand its headcount, target new verticals and expand its geographic footprint.

AOC’s sales channel focused in Asia Pacific
AOC achieved impressive sales performance in Asia Pacific. With years of in-depth market experiences, strong product knowledge, keen customer insights, powerful manufacturing background, sound cost structure, and solid financial standing AOC has the key to sustain the growth.

In 2010, AOC surpassed the expectations with outstanding sales performance and further increased its market share across the Asia Pacific region. This year AOC shall work with three goals: In short term, to develop trust and partnerships, in medium term, to increase the volume of sales as quick as possible, and in long term to build sales channels and become the most known brand.

In the conference today, AOC also proposed the upcoming market strategy for Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and CIS Central Asia. Three major goals to various channels of cooperation were emphasized:

  • Make AOC Business Profitable & Value added for all partners
  • Sustain and increase volumes thru expansion of the operating range of products, territory, people and enhance service to customers
  • Enhance brand value of AOC thru effective Marketing

Equipped with a very strong and comprehensive product platform, production strength and scaled operations, AOC has been able to maintain a year on year growth of above 20% in the past consecutive 3 years.

To be positioned as the No. 1 brand in Asia Pacific is one more color to add to the already colorful history of AOC – Art of Color. AOC is rolling in products to meet consumer demand and industry trends, developing variety of new breakthrough in the concept and technology, including 3D displays, USB-powered displays, IPS panels and many other products with special features. These products have already become the focus of public attention in international exhibitions like CES, CeBIT.

AOC positions itself as a complete solution provider for all kinds of computer display needs by continuously pioneering innovations in Display Technology. AOC is today a lifestyle brand, promising unbeatable Performance, Technology and Quality and has monitors in standard, value, fashion and professional series.

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